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From engineer to editor

After obtaining my Master’s degree in Chemical Engineering I made the switch to journalism. For almost a decade most of my work consisted of writing and editing articles for Weet Magazine, a Dutch Christian popular science magazine. Both for Weet and for other companies I wrote articles, blogs and columns. I translated and edited articles and books, from English to Dutch and vice versa. I supplied the translated subtitles to half a dozen DVDs and reported on multiple international scientific conferences.

My scientific background enables me to grasp complex subject matter and present it in a clear and concise way to a lay audiences.

It was at the early age of 7 that I became familiar with English. Since high school I almost exclusively read English books (including some more challenging ones like Chaucer, Mallory and Beowulf). To further develop my knowledge of English, I took extra English classes in university. English has become my second mother tongue, though I’m not a native speaker (that of course hasn’t stopped me from correcting mistakes made by actual native speakers).

And yes, we’re raising the kids bilingual.

A few things I’m great at

Whatever your writing, editing or translation needs, I’m the right man for the job


Reports, articles, blogs, newsletters… you name it, I’ll write it. Though the relation between science and religion is my expertise, I’m interested in a lot of topics and a thorough researcher. On top of that, I’ll make sure your message is fine tuned to your target audience.


With years of experience under my belt, I’ve developed a sixth sense for grammar and spelling mistakes. Every text benefits from an external editor.


If you’re seeking to expand your audience, seek no further. Whether your text needs translating your text from Dutch to English or from English to Dutch, I’m your man. As with writing and editing, I will make sure your message appeals to your target audience.

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